Gero is a drug discovery company creating first in class small molecule therapeutics using proprietary, industry leading molecular modeling methods and systems biology technologies.

Our Story

Gero is a group of innovative biotech companies based in Moscow, Russia. It was formed in 2015 as a result of merging Quantum Pharmaceuticals and Gero corp.

Quantum Pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery company formed in 2004 in Moscow, Russia. Initially Quantum Pharmaceuticals was created as a bioinformatics company that developed proprietary models and provided services to pharmaceutical companies. Later its focus switched to drug discovery and a preclinical portfolio of innovative small molecule drug candidates was developed.

Since 2009, Quantum Pharmaceuticals has conducted aging research to target the identification of new drugs which could be developed to slow the process of aging .

Gero corp. was formed in 2012. The aim of the project was to organize the collection of biological data from people of different ages, for subsequent machine learning analysis in order to formulate a human marker of aging.

Gero and Quantum Pharmaceuticals had been collaborating on aging projects since 2012 and joined efforts in 2015 by closing a new round of investment. The company is financed by a group of private individuals with pharmaceutical and serial entrepreneur background.


Peter FedichevPhD, CSO, co-founderPeter's work for GERO included application of sophisticated physics to rational drug discovery. As Gero drug discovery efforts progressed, his focus shifted from the drug discovery of the known targets into the new field of complex diseases, where the targets were unknown. This has led to the company's efforts in aging research. Peter studied at MIPT and performed his graduate work at Kurchatov Institute (theoretical atomic and molecular physics). He received his PhD from the university of Amsterdam, in theoretical condensed matter physics (cum laude). He has worked for FOM Institute Amolf (NL) and University of Innsbruck (AT) before co-founding Quantum. Peter is a fan of science, he believes that nothing beats the joy of discovery, power of physics in uncovering laws of nature and the challenge of aging research. His dream is to resolve aging and experience life in space.
Nikolai KovtunenkoCEONikolai has an ability to quickly evaluate a complex situation, find a solution and follow through to completion. He comes from financial market background where he specialized in valuation and modelling in investment banking and asset management. Nikolai is an actuary by training and started his career as an actuarial consultant. He is convinced that the life science sector will be revolutionized within next decade and he finds aging research a particularly exciting field of study. The idea of making a contribution into people living longer and happier lives really excites him. Nikolai is an avid contemporary music lover and attends various music events all around the globe.
Sergey FilonovHead of mHealth, co-founderSergey dares to accept impossible challenges. He is an innovative entrepreneur, who successfully created and sold three companies in telecommunications and aviation. Crisis management, complex process formalization, partnering, conflict resolution are his most distinguished features. Sergey is a fan of interdisciplinary high-risk research, innovative products creation, popular-science literature and science fiction, nature, archery, space. He wants to make the world a better place.
Maxim KholinBusiness Development Director, co-founderMaxim likes the idea of working on something grand and meaningful with the brightest people. He is strong at solving unique and complicated problems. He has previously worked as a legal advisor and business development director in different companies and holds more than 10 years of experience. What he enjoys most about his job is being able to contribute into the finding a solution to the greatest problems of mankind - aging and age related diseases. Maxim is a fan of life itself, scientific progress and prospects in life sciences and life extension. Maxim thinks Gero does one of the most important things - rescuing the mankind from the aging and age-related diseases, which are the major causes of death worldwide.

Gero is a team of 21 professionals, 6 of them have Ph. D. degree. The experts came to Gero from diverse fields of studies - theoretical physics, drug discovery and development, and IT business. The scientific effort is led by Dr. Peter Fedichev, a former condensed matter physicist, and an international group of biologists, medicinal chemists and computer science experts.

Our Team

Tim PyrkovPhD, ResearcherHis interests lie in the field of computer sciences and molecular biology. Working at the interface of in silico and biological worlds, Tim strives to reveal the principal rules that govern the evolution of complex systems. These findings can be then applied in the practices of rational drug design. During 2002-2009 Tim was working as Research Fellow in Lab of Molecular Simulations, Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry under Prof. R.G. Efremov supervision.
Julia OgunCorporate affairs and Public relationsFormer fashion employee and mathematician, Julia grew interest in biotech industry while working as a scientific and transhumanity popularizer. She is good at combining technical approach and widespread social activity. In her work, she appreciates most working with unique individuals and making our world better together with them. She enjoys traveling, yoga, vegetarianism, festivals, dancing and learning Spanish. When she was younger, she was a professional basketball player and a pianist. She will never stop extracting the most out of every second of her life.
Valeria KoganProject ManagerAfter working at a bioinformatics lab and researching on bacteria genomics, Valeria became interested in aging after attending one of Peter Fedichev lectures. She likes solving challenges and communicating with intelligent individuals. Her primary goal is to accomplish something valuable to the humanity and to help other people including her family. She likes to read, travel, hang out with friends and ski in mountains in the winter. As a student Valeria won a prize as one of the most quoted authors within Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Also, she has a volunteering experience in "Gift of life" fund. Valeria's true passions are science and her dog!
Boris ZhurovResearcherBoris grew up in a Russian analogue of the Silicon Valley, so it is not a surprise that he has always been interested in science: differential equations, control theory, chaos. When he suddenly realized that his knowledge of bifurcations theory and nonlinear oscillations can be very useful in gene network research, his career in biotech took off. He is always ready to fiercely calculate data whenever a good idea comes up. Boris believes in the existence of a harmonic law that explains everything in life and it must be extremely simple. His dream is to discover it. As a scientist, he is attracted to simple and elegant solutions. Boris would never give up singing and playing flute. In the little spare time he has, he goes water hiking.
Alexander KadushkinPhD, Head of the department of ChemistryAlexander was lucky to work with one of the greatest medical chemists of our time - V. G. Granik and together they created four dozens works on drug discovery and a few medical treatment technologies. He has an immense experience in the field of organic molecules synthesis - he completed his first work at the age of 17. Alex has two children and he spends all his leisure time with them. His aim is to never stop learning something new, evolve and discover new possibilities of synthesis.
Dmitry ShishovPhD, Medical ChemistDmitry is a professional in the areas of chemistry and medicine. In university he studied synthetic organic chemistry and medical chemistry, which he found interesting at school. He likes to see how theoretical research grows into the real matter and impacts living systems. He enjoys traveling, studying, bicycling, roller skating and the structure of living and human organism. Also Dmitry helps elderly as a volunteer.
Tatiana EremeevaPhD, ResearcherTatiana always wanted to work in drug discovery, that is why after graduating the faculty of chemistry and biology she came to Gero. She is a specialist in new drugs efficacy and safety research methodology. Tatiana remembers every result and detail of research held by her for more than 5 years of working for Gero and likes to apply her knowledge in practice and always learn something new. Tatiana developed and held many in vitro and ex vivo experiments, as the direct participation in drug discovery is her actual passion. When not working, she likes to spend time in nature.
Victoria KulakovaAdministrative assistantVictoria is an infinite source of energy. Multi-tasking, active and smart, she is a professional in getting everything in order. Former engineer and sales manager, she found herself in the right place in Gero. Her mission is to help deserving people gain maximum benefit and solve problems before they appear. She is an active citizen and a workaholic. Victoria had a mark of distinction in the university and a sports cup. She likes diving, new impressions, people and flights.
Alexander ZeninResearcherData processing and analysis, mathematical statistics and probability theory, molecular genetics - Alexander is a whale at these fields of science. He came across Gero searching for the labs where he could gain some basic experience in biotechnology. Alexander was a prizewinner as a very talented student in the university. He thinks that there is nothing more fascinating than inquiring and researching the organization and secrets of nature and human body, especially if the knowledge gained can be implemented in the right away. He is passionate about infinite possibilities of bioengineering and huge biotechnology potential.
Andrey TarkhovResearcherThe fundamental education in faculty of Physics, gave Andrey the ability to understand and puzzle out the most complex formulas. His intuition helps him avoid lingering calculations: attentive approach and intent look allow him to reveal the inaccuracy or slip. He is great at discovering relations between non-obvious objects. All his life he’s been dreaming of this job. The opportunity to learn something new and evolve gives him an energy boost, he is really happy to be building efficient mathematical models that reveal secrets of nature, even in a very small way. Usually spending his spare time in museums, Andrey is a fan of pictorial art and sculpture. Also, he likes to read in different languages or just walk around beautiful Moscow streets. His favourite writer is V. Nabokov. Andrey is responsible for MSU International Student Club organization.
Marina OvcharenkoFinance DirectorMarina combines her love of numbers and puzzles with her knowledge and experience. She is really good in business process structuring and analysis of the What When and Why events in the company's life (with regard to finance side of it). She loves it when numbers are not just a signs on the paper, but start telling the stories behind the numbers - and those stories become readable and understandable by the company's management. Marina previously worked with many worldwide known companies as a finance manager/director. She has been working in accounting and finance for more than 17 years. She holds a Gold Medal for her bachelor Diploma with Honours from Moscow State University (1998) along with many other certificates for participation in professional seminars. She loves to paint in oils, to swim, to travel, and to walk in the forest with her daughter. She enjoys weekends out of the city, with friends and family somewhere by the water. She can talk endlessly about psychology, feng-shui, kids, cats and computers. Marina is a perfectionist and asks from the people next to her no less than she is ready to give herself. She donates to the project and to - trying to increase the number of children's smiles in the world.
Inal TomaevHead of Legal DepartmentDuring his career development, Inal realized that legal advice didn't fit him very well - since occupation in a narrow area of law would hinder development of the range of his professional interests. As a result, he decided to realize his legal potential in a venture fund that invested in biotechnology. The ambitious and interesting projects of Gero encouraged and enabled him to gain new knowledge and experience. His past work in the venture capital fund has been associated with standard corporate matters, M&A transactions and due diligence IP rights in the US, Europe and the Middle East. He is also a lecturer at the Higher School of Economics. The desire to achieve a result with minimal cost and maximum efficacy is his professional passion. Inal is very able to cope with multitasking issues that require not only professional skills - but also the ability to prioritize intelligently, and identify which of the scenarios makes more sense right now. Inal likes to read and talk about space, the universe, and the origin of everything. He loves outdoor activities, and yet is a homely person. At the weekends he is usually busy with some household chores, but he always tries to find interesting places for entertainment, such as hiking or traveling. His main rewards are associated with Mix-Fight, football and the “What? Where? When?” game.
Gleb IvashkevichPhD, ResearcherGleb came to Gero from theoretical physics, so that he can solve new complex problems very fast and develop new working and optimum algorithms. Former researcher in Russian academy of science, he likes to always learn something new and fold puzzles in the picture of reality. He likes to spend his spare time anywhere that doesn’t interfere with his intellectual activity.
Marina ChernyavskayaDeputy Finance DirectorEffective organization of company financial obligations execution is Marina’s responsibility. Former state lawyer, she is diligent, responsible, honest and self-organized. She is fully dedicated to the company and believes that the problems that Gero targets are truly important. Marina is a fan of science, music and continuously learning something new. She spends her spare time with friends, hiking and attending music events.
Ivan MolodtsovResearcherIvan likes the process of searching and finding solutions. He is a master at attentively detecting mistakes and tracking their origin. Prior to his interest in biotech, that was raised by Peter Fedichev’s lecture, Ivan worked in a molecular immunology lab performing experiments. You can find him almost anywhere in his spare time, as Ivan likes diverse leisure. He really likes to study, self-evolve and use his new knowledge in practice.
Evgeny GetmantsevSoftware Engineer, ResearcherAlgorithms, data structures, hardware, spacious mind, accuracy and attention to detail- are Evgeny's most valued features. He has always been fond of technics and programming, the combination of those two passions makes him great at his job. Evgeny likes to explore why and how everything works. In case something doesn’t work, he will find a way to fix it and perfect it. Evgeny is a fan of life. He always finds new ways to live an exciting like from horse riding, jet skiing, hiking, skydiving, dash shooting to repairing or creating some tricky machine.