GERO is a drug discovery company creating first in class small molecule therapeutics using proprietary, industry leading molecular modeling methods and systems biology technologies.

The Story

GERO is a group of innovative biotech companies based in Moscow, Russia. It was formed in 2015 as a result of merging Quantum Pharmaceuticals and GERO corp.

Quantum Pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery company formed in 2004 in Moscow, Russia. In the beginning Quantum Pharmaceuticals was created as a bioinformatics company that developed proprietary models and provided services to pharmaceutical companies. Later its focus switched to drug discovery and preclinical portfolio of novel small molecule drug candidates was developed.

Since 2009, Quantum Pharmaceuticals conducted aging research for target identification to develop new drugs that slow down aging.

GERO corp was formed in 2012. The aim of the project was to organize biological data collection from people of different ages, for later machine learning analysis to formulate human marker of aging.

Gero and Quantum Pharmaceuticals had been collaborating on aging projects since 2012 and joined efforts in 2015 with closing a new round of investment. The company is financed by a group of private individuals with pharmaceutical and serial entrepreneur background.

Our Team

GERO is a team of 25 professionals, 6 of them have Ph. D. The experts came to GERO from diverse fields of studies - theoretical physics, drug discovery and development, and IT business. The scientific effort is led by Dr. Peter Fedichev, a former condensed matter physicist, and an international group of biologists, medicinal chemists and computer science experts.

Petr FedichevPh.D., co-founder, CSO

Dr. Fedichev’s work for GERO included the application of sophisticated physics to rational drug discovery. As GERO’s drug discovery efforts progressed, his focus shifted from the drug discovery of known targets into the new field of complex diseases, in which the targets were unknown. This led the company into aging research.

Dr. Fedichev studied at MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) and did his graduate work at Kurchatov Institute (theoretical atomic and molecular physics).

He received his PhD from the University of Amsterdam in theoretical condensed matter physics. He worked for FOM Institute Amolf and the University of Innsbruck before co-founding Quantum Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Fedichev is a fan of science. He believes that nothing beats the joy of discovery, the power of physics to uncover the laws of nature, and the challenge of aging research. His dream is to resolve aging and experience life in space.